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Loving Ahead Provides
Holistic Breakup Coaching | Toxic Relationship Recovery 

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Hi Gorgeous!


You are absolutely, positively meant to be reading the words on this page if you are ready to commit to the empowering, self-healing journey of transforming your life after experiencing a major breakup; one that was emotionally abusive, destructive and toxic. I work with women just like you who are seeking support, guidance and advice from a certified transformation and spiritual wellness coach who specializes in breakups and toxic relationship recovery.


Do you find that since experiencing this breakup you feel unfulfilled, empty and passionless about your life?

My breakup coaching clients are women just like you. Women who are...

  • Ambitious, successful and are fed up with attracting toxic relationships into your life.


  • Tired of bending over backward to force a broken relationship to work even though you know this person isn't the right fit for you?


  • Ready to authentically reclaim your self-worth, self-esteem, and ultimately your life with clarity, passion, and purpose.

  • Unsure on how to begin their healing and transformation journey from an empowered space of healing. 


  • Prepared to begin the process of healing their wounded feminine energy after experiencing a toxic relationship.

Experiencing a major relationship breakup doesn't have to be difficult. However, if you are not equipped with a holistic blueprint of how you are going to navigate that breakup, you run the risk of being stuck and trapped, living in the past instead of moving forward with your life. 


I can speak to such a life because I was once where you are; attempting to navigate one toxic relationship and breakup after the other. Living a life that was not in alignment with the true inner essence of who I am - a fabulous, fiery, earth goddess! However, trying to make my life work, save face, and keep my pride intact, I eventually found myself at a crossroads after leaving yet again, another tumultuous, toxic, relationship from hell; an on-again and off-again 7-year, emotional roller-coaster that in the end left me feeling numb, empty, and without direction in my life.


After the final breakup from the covert narcissist I was dating, I decided that enough, was enough! And that it was up to me to start putting the pieces of my life back together, one step at a time. I wanted more for my life but was unsure, or rather fearful, of how I was going to take that leap of faith and make it happen...


Holistic Breakup Coaching Can Support You With

(1.) Emotional support: A holistic breakup coach can provide a safe and supportive space for clients to express their feelings and work through their emotions.


(2.) Mindfulness practices: Mindfulness practices, such as meditation or yoga, can help clients find inner peace and clarity, and can be a useful tool for coping with the emotional challenges of a breakup.


(3.) Spiritual guidance: A holistic breakup coach may help clients explore their spiritual values and beliefs as a means of finding meaning and purpose after a breakup.


(4.) Life coaching: A holistic breakup coach may help clients set goals and develop strategies for personal growth and development in the wake of a breakup.


(5.) Alternative therapies: Holistic breakup coaches may use alternative therapies, such as energy healing, as a way to support their clients' physical and emotional well-being.


(6.) Accountability partner: Holistic breakup coaches will keep you on track when working towards your healing and recovery goals post breakup.


(7.) FREEDOM! A holistic breakup coach will support you in the process of freeing yourself from the toxic bonds and torment of wanting to get your ex back after experiencing a devastating breakup.

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breakup coaching
breakup coaching

Holistic Breakup Coaching Programs + Courses

breakup coaching
breakup coaching
breakup coaching

Start Here: Audio Training Series

If you are having a difficult time letting go of your toxic ex post-breakup and feel as though you can't move forward without speaking to your ex one last time to 'clear the air' then this 5-part audio training series is for you! Find out why...

Breakup to Level Up

A holistic, 3-month, 1:1 coaching program for women who are ready to move forward with their healing and tranformation journey post-breakup. Within this program you will elevate mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Enroll today!

Work privately with Tonya

Empower Your Emotions


Individual intro coaching sessions for those women who are curious about working with Tonya privately, but are unsure of what to expect. Intro coaching sessions are available to help you begin the process of healing. Learn more...

breakup coaching for women

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About Tonya J.

Tonya J. is the Founder + Breakup Coach of Loving Ahead. Tonya is also a thriving survivor of narcissistic abuse.


Devoted mother, daughter, and student of life. Find me under the dark night's moon manifesting my wildest dreams!

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