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1:1 Private Coaching with Tonya

Holistic Breakup Coaching is all about merging the spiritual with the practical. Take your healing and recovery journey to an entirely NEW level!

It's time to get off the crazy-making

How many times since breaking up from your toxic ex,

have you said?


“I feel as though my soul has been crushed?”


How many times have you repeatedly asked yourself?


“Did he truly love me, or did I imagine all of this?”


How many times have you begged and pleaded with the Universe...




If you’ve had this conversation more than a few times with yourself since breaking up from your ex, permit me to be a voice of reason. 

breakup coaching

 It’s time for you to GET OFF THE EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER and RECLAIM your life!
A life that you are excited to wake up to every morning. A life that you are passionate about.

I totally get it! I was once where you are desperately wanting the pain in my heart to go away and to finally put a STOP to the lingering memories of my toxic ex from being on a constant loop in my mind day and night, night and day. I felt emotionally drained and depleted of my energy. I had essentially become a shadow of the woman I used to be.

I would scroll through photos of myself on social media, before dating the covert narcissist and would often wonder what happened to the vibrant, happy woman I used to be? Whenever I did muster up the courage to actually look at myself in the mirror, I did not recognize the woman who was starring back at me. I had NO social life, nor did I want to have one; I self isolated due to the shame and regret I felt.

I had withdrawn from my life, friends, and a potentially promising career as a social justice advocate because I had assumed that I was broken and would never be able to heal and move forward after dating the covert narcissist. After leaving that toxic relationship I was left with the mess of what I now called my life. Attempting in vain to pick up the fragmented pieces of the life I was once passionate about and on fire for; a life I thought I would never be able to reclaim and live again.

breakup coaching

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


If so, I am here to tell you that YOU CAN and YOU WILL make an explosive comeback in your life, but you first need to get through the muck + darkness before you can step into the light!

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breakup coach
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breakup coach

Use Your Breakup to Level Up Your Life!

Your breakup can be leveraged and utilized to level up in ALL areas of your life!







Your healing journey post-breakup is a time for you to get clear about what you DESIRE most for your life moving forward.

 A life that is aligned with the true essence of who you are as a Divine Feminine. Knowing that as you strategically and intentionally light your own path on your journey of healing and transformation you will be supported by me your Breakup & Lifestyle Coach; with the end goal of finally moving forward in rebuilding your self-esteem + self-confidence with renewed optimism and passion for the life you most desire and most certainly deserve! 

breakup coaching

What does life on the other side of your breakup look and feel like?


 Well, picture waking up every morning WITHOUT having to deal with the lingering memories of your toxic ex repeatedly on play in the back of your mind; disrupting your ability to focus on what’s most important and that would be YOU!


 To re-engage your life with renewed optimism and a fresh zest for your life once again. A life that is reflective of who you TRULY are, NOT whom your toxic ex wanted you to be. A life that is purposeful, joyful, and INSPIRING! One that excites you to wake up in the morning and LIVE again!


DREAM BIG and actually follow through on those dreams and goals for your life without looking over your shoulders wondering what your ex and other people from your past will say about you FINALLY making the impossible happen and that is to step into your own truth and power and live your life unapologetically.


Achieving something NEW and exciting for yourself! Such as returning to school to complete your MA or even their Ph.D. Inspired to boldly switch from a dead-end career to perhaps starting your own heart-centered business. You know, the one you’ve put off for years because you never received the support you desired while dating your toxic ex.


You are UNBOTHERED by your toxic ex’s supposed new life with the new ‘project’ AKA their new girlfriend because you are too busy being HAPPY and living your own life FREE from the torment, toxicity, and memories of having dated an emotionless, empty individual.


 You are traveling the world, constantly learning more about who you are as a Divine Feminine and how to best improve your life through education, spiritual practice, and engaging your life with an empowered inner strength and knowledge of knowing that the dark night of the soul you experienced was just setting you up for a massive come back in your life, one you never thought would be possible to achieve.

breakup coaching

Sounds Amazing Right!

What’s even more amazing, I want to support you in not only surviving a devastating breakup, (that’s just the beginning) but I also want to support you in becoming an empowered Divine Feminine. A woman who is ready to boldly, embrace your feminine energy and finally light your own path of living an authentic and inspired life that is reflective of the true essence of whom you were divinely created to be.

Do you just want to survive this breakup, or do you want to become an EMPOWERED Divine Feminine as a result of this breakup? The choice is yours.

Breakup to Level Up Clarity Call

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Today could be the day that you decide to take a leap of faith and invest in your future! Come to think of it, when was the last time you gifted yourself a LIFE CHANGING experience that could potentially change the direction of your life? Dearest Divine Light, I invite you to at least schedule a FREE 30-minute Through The Darkness into The Light Discovery Call with me to further discuss how I can best guide and support you in this next season of your life.  

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