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Breakup to Level Up Coaching Program

Hey Grogeous! This is your opportunity to finally GET OFF the crazy-making, emotional roller coaster you have endured since breaking up from your toxic, ex-partner.


Within this 3-month coaching program, you will personally be guided and supported by Tonya on your recovery, healing, and transformation journey; with the intention of RECLAIMING the life, you once recognized and love!


Are you not tired of constantly breaking your ‘no contact rule? Don’t you want to finally cleanse yourself of the constant drama, confusion, and fog as a result of having experienced a devastaing breakup? If so, please keep reading!

how to let go of a toxic relationship when you still love them

Empower Your Emotions!


Tonya’s Empower Your Emotions Intro Coaching sessions has been designed for women who acknowledge that they are indeed ready to move forward and embrace their recovery and healing journey, but are unsure of where or how to start the process.


These intro coaching sessions are created to help you figure out where you are on your healing journey, get the feedback and clarity you desire from an objective, non-judgmental viewpoint of what your next steps ought to be moving forward, and support you in refocusing your attention back on to YOURSELF!


A brief overview of what to expect:

  • Coffee or tea in the comfort of your home! We will meet online for 60 minutes.

  • An open and HONEST discussion about what’s really going on with you.

  • Intuitive feedback on what is blocking and hindering your healing journey.

  • Personalized recommendations, if you choose to take a leap of faith. 

how to let go of a toxic relationship when you still love them
breakup coach

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About Tonya J.

Tonya J. is the Founder + Breakup Coach of Loving Ahead. Tonya is also a thriving survivor of narcissistic abuse.


Devoted mother, daughter, and student of life. Find me under the dark night's moon manifesting my wildest dreams!

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