5-Part Audio Training Series
Preview of what to expect when you invest in the
No-Contact, No Joke! Course
(Toxic & Difficult  Breakup Situations)

Welcome to the Audio Course

No Contact, No Joke!


An audio training series for women who are healing their hearts and ultimately their life after experiencing emotional abuse and are struggling with enforcing no contact and staying no contact from their toxic, emotionally abusive ex-partner for good! 


Enforce no contact with confidence and finally succeed!


Divine Light, it’s time to exit the emotional roller-coaster and reclaim your life. It's time to start LIVING life again!


Limited Time Offer of Just $29.97

no contact after breakup

Can I ask you a question…


How many times have you attempted to enforce your no-contact rule since breaking up from your toxic, emotionally abusive ex-partner to only fail miserably after each attempt?

Sure you may last 2-3 weeks of not speaking to your toxic ex-partner, but deep down have you felt that you just can’t go any longer without at least receiving a text from him and as a result you, unfortunately, relapse and BREAK your no contact rule. Don’t you find the whole process of going no contact to be frustrating, torturous, and anxiety fuelled? You feel off or not quite yourself, even a little crazy if you don’t ever speak to your toxic ex-partner again?

Divine Light, what you are feeling is normal. Your failed attempts are only a reflection of your lack of preparation for the journey ahead of you. You see, what I realized years ago when I too was failing miserably at enforcing my no contact rule after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship from a covert narcissist is that

I needed to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the healing and transformation journey ahead of me; essentially,

I needed a NEW mindset moving forward.

The theory of going no-contact is a logical one and yes very much an essential part of your healing journey after experiencing emotional abuse, but what many targets and victims of emotional abuse fail to realize is that when no contact is put into practice it’s a whole other ball game. One that you must be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to enforce.

Going no-contact isn’t about giving your toxic, ex-partner the silent treatment. It is, however, about moving forward with your healing journey and permitting yourself to have a do-over in your life; one that is TOXIC FREE!

I’ve created this training series to help you do just that!

no contact after breakup

Enforcing your no-contact rule isn’t about the silent treatment…


Below is an insider peek of what you will learn on each training day…

Training Day 1. (STEP 1)

no contact after breakup


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Training Day 2. (STEP 2)

no contact after breakup

Audit + Clear Your Space

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Training Day 3. (STEP 3)

no contact after breakup

Mindset Shift: Reactive vs. Proactive

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Training Day 4. (STEP 4)

no contact after breakup

Block + Release Your Toxic Ex

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BONUS Day 5! (STEP 5)

no contact after breakup

Strategy + Enforcement Planning

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Additional Training Resources You Will Receive Include:


(Bonus) Guided mini-meditations + grounding exercises

before you start each training module


Detailed, fillable workbooks you can download and work alongside

each pre-recorded audio training


Exclusive access to the Loving Ahead Empowerment & Healing Community


Special, limited time discount off Tonya’s Empower Your Emotions 1:1 intro coaching session

-60-minutes (enrollment and training completion must be verified)


Limited Time Offer of Just $29.97

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breakup coach
no contact after breakup

The 5-Day Audio Training Will Show You How To:


Appraoch your current no-contact rule from a holistic perspective, rather than a hapahazard, reactive one.


Audit and clear your physical space and energy with intention and purpose.


Avoid being triggered by learning how to consistently shift and strengthen your current mindset to one that is EMPOWERED and proactive.


Create a strategy and action plan to support you on your path of recovery and healing.


Build a firm foundation which will nurture and support your journey of recovery, healing and TRANSFORMATION from the old to the new.


Limited Time Offer of Just $29.97

breakup coach tonya j.

Meet Your Training Facilitator – Tonya J.

Breakup Coach | Holistic Wellness Coach​


I am Certified in multiple coaching modalities and enjoy working with women who are feeling stuck, defeated, and broken after breaking up from a toxic relationship.


I am also a proud mother to an equally ambitious young woman paving her way in life. My passion and purpose for uplifting, supporting, and coaching other women was birthed from my heartbreak, anger, guilt, and shame after experiencing and surviving emotional abuse from a covert narcissist. 

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to check out My Personal Story for an in-depth understanding of my journey of experiencing, surviving, and ultimately THRIVING after emotional abuse.


Before entering into the profession of Life Coaching,

I’ve worked as a licensed Early Years Educator, as well as a Family Resource Consultant for the City of Toronto and other private non for profit community childcare centers.


My formal academic training is varied and diverse.


BA Honors Degree in Law & Society with special interest courses taken in Women and Gender Studies

(York University 2012)


Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

(Humber College 2006)

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Arts & Marketing

(Humber College 2003)

Tonya J.

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Have Questions? Please Review My Answers…

When can I start the training series?

Good question! When you sign up and complete your payment you will receive FULL access to the No Contact, No Joke! 5-Day Training Series. Also, you will continue to have unlimited access to the training series and private Facebook Group once you have purchased.

Will there be live coaching calls?

Not for this particular training series. However, I have pre-recorded 5-audio trainings for you to closely follow along too while working from your No Contact, No Joke! fillable, workbook. Everything I am sharing with you in this particular training series comes from my personal experience of attempting to go no-contact after leaving a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship. Enforcing no-contact after experiencing emotional abuse is a core, foundational aspect of beginning your recovery and healing journey; that is why I have decided to price this unique, holistic training series at such an affordable price. I want to see my clients succeed and WIN BIG!

I'm not a very 'spiritual' person, can this program still help me?

Yes! Why wouldn’t it? This training series has been created with one goal in mind and that is to SUPPORT as many women as possible to successfully achieve enforcing their no-contact rule with UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE! My approach to coaching my clients blends practical, TAKE ACTION advice while nurturing your spiritual self; regardless of how you choose to define what spiritual means for you. You’ve tried everything else, why not step outside of your self-imposed bubble and try something NEW!

How will I change as a person? What results can I expect?

I love this question! Wow, where do I start? Below are a few benefits you can expect once you have successfully completed the 5-Part Training Series. You will begin to feel more focused and determined when enforcing your no-contact rule. CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED as you begin to clear out the lingering energy of your toxic, ex-partner. More in control of your initial reactions when you feel triggered. Start to rebuild your life with renewed optimism and faith moving forward. Stop looking backwards at the past, but to become proactive and forward thinking about your future. One that is toxic FREE!

Do you have a Refund Policy?

S orry, but I do not offer refunds of any kind. Please ensure you thoroughly read my entire site, before deciding to invest. Thank you for your understanding. High vibes and positivity, only

Do you offer dating and relationship coaching?

No, I do not. I do not profess, nor do I want to be the next Patti Stanger. I know what my passion and purpose are and I’ve decided to stay in my lane as a result. This mini, training course is NOT about helping you to find your next relationship or to meet your soulmate. You need a break from the dating scene and some much-needed time to self-detox and rediscover who you are as a Divine Feminine.

I have a question, but it's not listed?

If you have any additional questions, please send them to

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I encourage you to go ahead and ENROLL TODAY!