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Hey Gorgeous!


This is your opportunity to finally GET OFF the crazy-making, emotional roller coaster after enduring a devastating breakup from a toxic, perhaps emotionally abusive partner.


Within this 1:1 Breakup to Level Up coaching program, you will personally be guided and supported by Tonya on your recovery, healing, and transformation journey; with the intention of 

RECLAIMING the life you once recognized and loved!


Breakup coaching catered to your specific situation


Experience TRUE emotional freedom


STOP obsessing over your toxic ex


Embrace your future with optimism

This Program is For...

✔️ Women who have experienced a devastaing breakup and are feeling stuck and defeated.

✔️ Women who are tired of relapsing and BREAKING their ‘No Contact’ rule. It’s not just about giving the ‘silent treatment.’

✔️ Women who are FED UP of being trapped in the emotional loop of loving and then hating your ex-partner.

✔️ Women who no longer recognize their life as a result of dating someone who was toxic or emotionally abusive.

✔️ Women who realize that it’s time to FIGHT BACK and reclaim your life post-breakup.

✔️ Women who REFUSE to be labeled a ‘victim’ and are determined to make a comeback in your life.

✔️ Women who are ready to shed shame, guilt, regret, and anger after experiencing a devastating breakup.

✔️ Women who are not satisfied with just healing their heart after a breakup, but want to ultimately transform their image and life!

heal after breakup

Take a Moment and Picture Your Life 1-2 Years From Now…

✔️ You are in control of your life and no longer have to deal with the crazy-making antics of your toxic ex. Your emotions are in alignment with your actions.

✔️ You now have the ability to focus with clarity and confidence when strategizing what your next move will be. Knowing that you are no longer in the cycle of drama and confusion, as a result of experiencing this breakup.

✔️ Going ‘No Contact’ is not only manageable but easy to implement. The more you confidently follow through on your ‘no contact rule the more time you have to devote to turning your dreams and goals into reality. 

✔️ Your life is one you are proud to call your own! Because you know who you are as a Divine Feminine and what you deserve to have in your life. 

✔️ You are no longer shaken to the core whenever you hear through the grapevine that your ex-partner is dating someone new or perhaps engaged because you genuinely are unbothered and too in love with your own life to exchange any more energy with your past.

✔️ When you look in the mirror you are totally in love with the woman starring back at you. You no longer critically judge or hide from that fabulous woman who looks back at you with a bright smile of finally knowing what it means to UNCONDITIONALLY love yourself.

✔️ Your overall physical appearance is glowing and radiant! Because you are taking better care of yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You look forward to treating yourself to something luxurious and unique.

✔️ Your wardrobe and personal style reflect the new direction

of your life.

heal after breakup

“To accept one’s past – one’s history – is not the same thing

as drowning in it; it is learning how to use it.”


James Baldwin

Do You Believe The Above and MORE is Possible for You?


Divine Light, I know within my heart that all of the above can be accomplished if you desire to have it. The only thing that is standing in your way to achieving the envisioned above life for yourself 1-2 years from now is your unwillingness to STOP wallowing in self-pity, GET UP and fight back for what is rightfully yours!

A life that is TOXIC FREE, full of love and one that reflects who you truly are as an EMPOWERED Divine Feminine. Will the recovery and healing process be an easy one? No. But anything that is worth having is worth fighting for. What’s the alternative? Staying stuck in the past, regretting the day you ever met your toxic ex OR boldly moving forward and INVESTING in your future. A future that is purposeful, spiritually satisfying, and filled with new adventures and possibilities!

However, what’s different this time around is the fact that YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE during the recovery and healing process. You do not have to figure out what your next steps should be moving forward any longer. I know what it feels like to feel as though you are wandering through the fog and confusion of experiencing such a devastating breakup. 

You do not have to suffer in silence any longer. This program is designed to support and guide you through the initial stages of the breakup to the final stage of leveling up and moving forward with confidence! I know how frustrating it can be to attempt to stand back up and put one foot in front of the other to only feel as though you’re walking with two left feet leading you astray down the wrong path in life post breakup. 

heal after breakup
heal after breakup

A holistic step-by-step program designed to guide you through the recovery and healing process post emotional abuse.

The Breakup to Level Up program has been created and structured based upon my personal experience of having been a target of emotional abuse. It’s an integrative program that teaches, guides, supports, and coaches you through the process of successfully reclaimng your life and conquering your fears on the road to recovery, healing, and eventual transformation in all areas of life. It is a program that will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore a new life that has been waiting for you to simply acknowledge and accept that you deserve better and that this breakup does NOT have to define the rest of your life!

 It’s time for you to GET OFF THE EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER and RECLAIM your life! A life that you are excited to wake up to every morning.
A life that you are passionate about!

Feminine Empowerment Coach Tonya J_

Why is this program unique and different

 from other relationship coaching programs?



This program is NOT about helping you to find your next relationship or to meet your soulmate. I think we can both agree that you need a break from the dating scene.


This program is however about supporting, guiding, motivating, and holistically empowering you to embrace your recovery and healing journey with CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, and STRATEGY.

 Consider me your private confidant.


Someone you can reach out to and know without a doubt that you will always receive objective, non-judgmental feedback, guidance, and advice that will always come from a place of personal experience and genuinely wanting to see you flourish and spread your wings post breakup.


I’m all about helping you to level up in your personal life and finally get off the crazy-making, emotional roller-coaster – for good!

I understand your apprehension about working with a coach. I too often wondered if this whole coaching thing was worth the investment? I stubbornly chose to figure things out on my own and genuinely believed that the best way to heal was to just get through it.


What I did not realize was the fact that I couldn’t just stumble my way through the recovery and healing process because I lacked having the necessary tools and knowledge to support me on my journey.

Divine Light, you DO NOT have to suffer in silence anymore.


Trying to figure out what your next steps ought to be moving forward is crazy-making on its own. You don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed. The fact that you are here researching about this program is probably a sign from the Universe that it’s time to take a leap of faith and TRUST the process you are being guided to embrace.

Below is an Overview of The 14-Week Program!

breakup coach toronto
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breakup coach
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breakup coach

Week 1:

Be Still and Listen with Your Heart

Week 2:

Creating NEW Boundaries

Week 3:

Creating Sacred Space

Week 4:

Moving FORWARD vs. Being Stuck in The Past

Week 5:

Reframing Your Past Responses

Week 6:

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall (Shadow Work)

Week 7:

Creating a NEW Foundation

Week 8:

Passion vs. Purpose

Week 9:

Getting Off the Emotional Roller-Coaster

Week 10:

Lighting Your Path

Week 11:

Taking ACTION to Move Forward

Week 12:

Self-Love + Self-Care

Week 13:

Divine Feminine Emerges

Week 14:


Exclusive Program Bonus

When you enroll in the Program you will receive…



Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Tonya via ZOOM or WhatsApp


Extended 3-Month – No Contact, No Joke – Activity Planning Calendar.


Lifetime access to the programs private Facebook Group


Free Guided Meditations + Visualization Exercises


Emergency Relapse Calls: 3 calls per month with Tonya via Zoom or WhatsApp

(pay in full clients only)

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breakup coach

Who is This Program Not For…



If you do not desire to heal and transform your life post breakup or experiencing being in a toxic relationship, then this program is definitely NOT for you.


I say this because complacency and victimhood can become a crutch for some individuals who have experienced a devastating breakup. Wallowing in self-pity and the whoa is me story becomes their new normal and if you are not prepared, nor willing to do the necessary inner work which is a requirement of this program then there is no point in wasting either of our time.

Women who are currently experiencing domestic violence in the form of physical abuse. I encourage you to please seek professional help from your nearest community women’s shelter. Also, please reach out and CALL the below domestic hotline numbers (depending on your location) to receive the necessary support and additional resources to help you safely leave your situation:

United States Domestic Violence Support  (1-800) 799-7233 

Ontario, Canada – Assaulted Women’s HOTLINE (1-866-863-0511)


If you feel that you can do the recovery and healing journey on your own and you do not feel you need support, then this program is not for you. I am only interested in working with women who are ready to do the necessary inner work NO MATTER WHAT and are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone.

If you are battling intense, ongoing bouts of depression or suicidal thoughts then this program is not the right fit for you at this moment in time. Again, I highly advise and encourage you to seek professional, licensed support from a clinical therapist or counselor. However, if you are currently working alongside a licensed therapist or counselor and feel strong enough to move forward in working with a certified Empowerment Life Coach I’d LOVE to have you join the program! 

Enrollment is Now Open!


Recovery, healing, and transformation are on the other side of this page. The first step is to fill out the program application. From that point, allow the Universe to step in and do what It does best…


Alignment and clarity as you take a leap of faith! 

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breakup coach
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breakup coach
breakup coach tonya j.

Meet Your Training Facilitator – Tonya J.

Breakup Coach | Holistic Spiritual Coach​


I am Certified in multiple coaching modalities and enjoy working with women who are feeling stuck, defeated, and broken after breaking up from a toxic relationship.


I am also a proud mother to an equally ambitious young woman paving her way in life. My passion and purpose for uplifting, supporting, and coaching other women was birthed from my heartbreak, anger, guilt, and shame after experiencing and surviving emotional abuse from a covert narcissist. 

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to check out My Personal Story for an in-depth understanding of my journey of experiencing, surviving, and ultimately THRIVING after emotional abuse.


Before entering into the profession of Holistic Spiritual Coaching, I’ve worked as a licensed Early Years Educator, as well as a Family Resource Consultant for the City of Toronto and other private non for profit community childcare centers.


My formal academic training is varied and diverse.


BA Honors Degree in Law & Society with special interest courses taken in Women and Gender Studies

(York University)


Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

(Humber College)

Certified Transformation Life Coach

(Transformation Academy)


Tonya J.

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Pre-Enrollment Special!

Enrollment Dates Coming Soon!

Regular Pricing

Special Pricing Ends

Payment Plans Available!

  • How much will I need to invest?
    I think the better question to ask is how much do you value yourself and do you believe you are worth the investment? As I mentioned before I took 7 long years, of on and off, trial and error trying to figure out how to heal and move on with my life. That is wayyyyyy too long for anyone to be grieving a relationship, especially if you weren’t married to this person. Ask yourself what is at stake, if you do not take this leap of faith and at least submit the program form? Honestly, what do you have to lose? You’ve already experienced the worst-case scenario and that was experiencing emotional abuse and most likely being humiliated in the process of it… Do you not think that the one thing you can do for yourself is to at least speak with me 1:1 to learn more about the program? Program Investment $1,497 or Three Monthly Payments @ $574.00
  • I'm not sure if coaching is the right path for me?
    I felt the same way, but what I have come to realize is that attempting to recover and heal yourself on your own is a very lonely road. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but why prolong your recovery and healing when the opportunity to work with someone privately who has walked the same path of recovery and healing is right in front of you? Private coaching offers you the opportunity to openly share your feelings and concerns in a non-judgemental, objective space that is committed to supporting, motivating, and coaching you through the lingering issues that are keeping you stuck and defeated. When you have committed to working with me, I take your well-being just as seriously as my own. I’m not just your coach, I’m also your private confidant.
  • I'm not a very 'spiritual' person, can this program still help me?"
    Yes! Why wouldn’t it? This program is structured to help you rediscover your inner authentic self. The spiritual activities and exercises will help you to get a deeper understanding of who you are and what it is that you want for your life moving forward. YOU get to decide what path you will ultimately take on your journey of recovery and healing. My spiritual awakening happened through trial and error until I discovered my understanding of what spirituality meant for me. I hope that you too will experience a similar discovery of who you are as a Divine Feminine.
  • How will I change as a person? What results can I expect?
    I love this question! Wow, where do I start? Below are a few benefits you can expect once you have successfully completed the program: You will finally exit the emotional roller-coaster you have been on since meeting and breaking up with your toxic ex-partner. CONQUER going ‘no contact’ with confidence. Regulate your emotional responses when you are triggered, as a result of dating a toxic, emotionally abusive individual. Self-healing tools to support your ability to stay emotionally regulated so that you can permanently avoid being on the emotional roller-coaster. Confidence in making decisions for your life moving forward. Setting realistic, achievable goals that will improve your lifestyle moving forward. NO MORE self-doubt or indecisiveness when deciding to let go of your toxic partner.
  • Do you have a Refund Policy?
    When you decide to work with me privately and trust me as your coach and private confidant I take that role and the responsibilities that come with being your coach seriously. For 3-months I am dedicating that time to working with you. You will have my undivided attention for the duration of the program. All of my energy, experience, and knowledge I am pouring into you with the hopes of inspiring, motivating, and supporting you on your recovery, healing, and eventual transformation journey. To answer your question – sorry, but I do not offer refunds of any kind. Please ensure you thoroughly read my entire site, before deciding to invest. Chemistry and resonance are very important for me when deciding to work with a potential client. Hence why I have you fill out an application form before we speak. Just as you are vetting me, I too reserve the right to screen you as well. Furthermore, before we can officially begin working together a contract will be emailed to you with the understanding that once payment(s) are made no refunds will be offered. Thank you for your understanding. High vibes and positivity, only
  • Do you offer dating and relationship coaching?
    No, I do not. I do not profess, nor do I want to be the next Patti Stanger. I know what my passion and purpose are and I’ve decided to stay in my lane as a result. As I stated before this program is NOT about helping you to find your next relationship or to meet your soulmate. You need a break from the dating scene and some much-needed time to self-detox and rediscover who you are as a Divine Feminine.
  • I have a question, but it's not listed?"
    If you have any additional questions, please send them to

Our time ends here, but it doesn’t have to. If you feel guided to reach out and learn more about the program, I encourage you to go ahead and submit the program application. You'll never know what abundance and blessings the Universe has waiting for you beyond this page, if you don't take a leap of faith!

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