Breakup Coaching: What is It and Can a Breakup Coach Help You?

breakup coaching

I am often asked, what the heck is breakup coaching and how can a breakup coach help individuals to recover, heal and move on with their life after experiencing a toxic relationship that ended in a devastating breakup? Years ago, after experiencing my own devastating breakup after dating a covert narcissist, if someone had suggested to me that I should consider working privately with a professional breakup coach, I would have probably been clueless as to how a breakup coach can help me stop obsessively thinking about my toxic ex and finally heal and move forward with my life; heartache free.

Breakup coaching is a specialized niche of life coaching that focuses on supporting, coaching, motivating, and empowering clients to view their breakup as an opportunity to level up in their love life; ultimately, experiencing a breakthrough in the way you, the client, choose to approach future relationships from a completely new and empowered perspective. The way I approach coaching my clients through a difficult breakup, whether they are experiencing a divorce or are simply having a tough time getting over the demise of their relationship, is not to focus solely on why the breakup happened; but what are the deeper issues beneath the surface that contributed to the breakdown of the relationship to begin with.

As a certified breakup coach, I strategically guide my clients to become aware of unhealthy dating patterns that are blocking them from making healthier, empowered decisions for themselves. Such dating patterns are usually formed through previous relational trauma that likely occurred early in life and was never adequately acknowledged, nor healed; which contributes to a clients attachment style; ultimately impacting how that client navigates future relationships. There is no one-size fits all solution when supporting clients on their recovery and healing journey post-breakup because each client has a set of unique life experiences that inform the way they subconsciously navigate their romantic relationships.