Exposing Emotionally Abusive Relationships: The 'Bad Vegan'

Emotionally abusive relationships, narcissists and their unsuspecting victims are being exposed left, right and center this year thanks to Netflix's newest installment of the scandalous docuseries. The first of these docuseries I have already covered; which would be the Tinder Swindler, you can read the full article here and yet again here I am covering another salacious breakup story that stars none other than the shameless narcissist Anthony Strangis and his unsuspecting victim, successful entrepreneur, Sarma Melngailis as the main characters. If you haven't watched the docuseries entitled Bad Vegan, which in my opinion, has nothing to do with being a vegan; but more to do with privilege (part two coming soon) and psychological abuse which Netflix completely missed the ball on, you can check out the trailer below.

There is so much to cover from this 4-part docuseries... Where do I even begin? It is so frustrating when I hear about educated, high-achieving women losing their careers, income and ultimately being reduced to a shadow of the woman they used to be when they blindly enter into toxic, emotionally abusive relationships with a narcissist. I even found myself questioning how does an ivy league graduate of Wharton business school, top vegan restaurateur with a seemingly picture, perfect lifestyle to match fall into such a scandalous love affair with someone as lame as Anthony Strangis? But then I quickly remind myself that years ago, I too fell for the old okie doke when I dated a covert narcissist; you can read more about my backstory here. What most people don't understand about being in such an emotionally abusive relationship is that high-functioning narcissist, such as Strangis and Simon Leviv, feed off the life force of their carefully chosen victims who also happen to be accomplished, educated, powerful women, which most narcissist consider to be the ultimate supply source to