Healing From Emotional Abuse: Podcast Recap Episode #3

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Healing from emotional abuse will take much more effort than just meditation and crystals...

Healing From Emotional Abuse: Podcast Recap Episode #3
Photo Credit: Anthony Tran

What does it mean to be in a toxic relationship, more specifically an emotionally abusive one? If you have ever experienced being in an emotionally abusive relationship, you may have often felt as though you have been emotionally raped (psychologically tormented) by your abusive ex-partner.

When you read the words emotional rape, it might have made you cringe and to be honest with you, it should. These were the exact words I yelled out at my toxic ex when we were having one of our usual ridiculous arguments. I remember telling him during a heated exchange of words that I felt as though I have been emotionally raped, he then paused, looked at me with his cold, emotionless eyes, and said, “take those words right out of your mouth!”

At the time, I didn’t know what the formal definition of the term meant, but I knew that what I was feeling wasn’t normal. Looking back on that argument, my inner divine feminine was intuitively guiding me to the answers of why I was energetically feeling what I was, but I was too closed-off and emotionally damaged by t