8 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship - Podcast Recap Episode #4

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Welcome back to the Loving Ahead Breakup Coaching Podcast - previously known as Light Your Divine Path - Episode #4

This week we will be delving into the topic of knowing what are the warning signs of a toxic relationship? More specifically, are you dating a narcissist or someone who displays the traits of a narcissist?

One thing I wish I had known more about when I first started dating the covert narcissist – and this is an issue women tend to overlook or don’t pay enough attention to – are the subtle and not so subtle warning signs you are dating a toxic person.

The main question I often hear women regretfully ask after leaving or breaking up from an emotionally abusive relationship is the fact that they had no clue that their ex-partner was capable of such cruelty and that to their knowledge there were no warning signs until it was too late; they were already hooked into the crazy-making, emotional roller-coaster of being in a toxic relationship, in my case this was with a covert narcissist.

The 8 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship covered in this week's podcast include:

1. Love Bombing

2. Ghosting