Single on Valentine’s Day: 10 Acts of Powerful Self-Love to Celebrate Your Single Status

Updated: Jan 25

The holiday season is officially over.

Cheerful greetings have faded, decorations have been put away, and presents have been opened or in some cases returned. You feel optimistic and eager to venture into the new year of 2022; why not? After all, you made it through the craziness of 2021, the unpredictable holiday season with demanding family members, friends dropping in unannounced and you may have even survived a devastating breakup over the holiday season (check out my breakup season posts here). You've been through the worse, or so you think. You just want to move forward with a new chapter in 2022...

Until that dreaded month February starts to rear its head. You open your Instagram or Facebook and are immediately bombarded by all the romantic Valentine’s Day gestures, memes, date night outfit ideas, and perfectly manicured Valentine’s Day selfies of couples flooding your feed… And at that moment, you are brutally reminded of the fact that you will be spending Valentine's Day single and alone again this year, or perhaps for the very first time.

As a result, for the next few weeks you intentionally avoid anything and everything that has to do with Valentine’s Day, but despite your efforts to not become emotional, overly sensitive or envious about this special day, you still feel like you are missing out on receiving the love, adoration and special pampering you most certainly deserve… Sound familiar?