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What Does Inner Peace After a Breakup Truly Feel Like?

Updated: 4 days ago

inner peace after a breakup

It may not seem like you will never find inner peace after experiencing a toxic relationship that ended in a devastating breakup, but the truth is in time you will look back on this relationship with deep humility and acceptance of the many life lessons that you will learn from and carry with you into future relationships that ultimately will make you a much stronger, confident and intuitively aware individual moving forward.

However, I can admit from my own journey of healing and transformation after dating a covert narcissist that the process of finding true inner peace after a devastating breakup isn't an easy one. There were many days and nights when I wasn't sure what my next move should be or what I should be doing for myself to get to the next level of my healing and recovery journey after a toxic relationship that ended in a devastating breakup.

Many women who are experiencing a devastating breakup give up mid-way through their healing journey because the emotions are just too intense or they lack in receiving the necessary support required to help them elevate out of the darkness and despair they are feeling from one day to the next. This is what is commonly referred to as being on an emotional rollercoaster without any end in sight.

So, the question remains, what does inner peace feel like after experiencing a toxic relationship that led to a devastating breakup? Well, I've discovered on my own healing and recovering journey that you will passthrough 6-levels of inner peace, if you are consistently doing your inner work; and I've outlined them below for you to take note of and gauge where you are on your own healing and recovery journey.

Also, if you realize that you've been stuck at the same phase of your healing journey, for example, reluctantly accepting that the relationship is over, but yet you are still keeping tabs on your toxic ex via social media, I would like to encourage you to check out my No Contact, No Joke! 5-Day Audio Course for women, such as yourself, who are having a difficult time moving forward and truly letting go of their toxic ex without regret or strings attached.

inner peace after a breakup

Steps to Finding: Inner Peace After a Breakup

(1.) TRUE Acceptance: The first indication that you are on the path of experiencing inner peace and healing after toxic relationship that led to a devastating breakup is your ability to accept things as they are and ultimately let go of the need to control the outcome, your toxic ex and everything else that is outside of your immediate environment. This also includes truthfully accepting your own flaws and the mistakes you made in the relationship.

(2.) Focused Mindfulness: The second level of experiencing inner peace after a devastating breakup involves your ability to focus intentionally and mindfully on being fully present in the important day-to-day task of your life. Being able to stay committed to sustaining your wellbeing through active participation in your daily life is also part of your healing and recovery journey. You cannot afford to get lost in your emotions or lose sight of reality. You had a life before your toxic ex and you must continue to have one after. Being able to cultivate focused mindfulness will allow you to develop greater inner self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the woman you are be called to transform into.

(3.) Consistent Gratitude: It may not be an easy practice to implement right now, but when you are finally able to be in complete gratitude for EVERYTHING you've experienced on your journey of healing post breakup shows to the Universe and also yourself that you are spiritually and emotionally maturing; and that you have fully accepted the breakup and are grateful for the life lessons you are have learned and will continue to learn. This also includes acknowledging and appreciating the positive changes in your life, rather than focusing on what is lacking or what your emotions in the moment want you to believe.

(4.) Two Step Process of Forgiveness: This was a tough one for me. The first step is learning to authentically forgive yourself FIRST and foremost for the mistakes you made while being in that toxic relationship and even afterwards; and the second step is ultimately forgiving your toxic ex. This fourth level of inner peace is not and easy one and I've done a podcast episode about this very same topic, which you can listen to here. However, this can be a challenging but liberating process that can lead to greater emotional freedom and inner maturity.

(5.) Compassion + Self Care: Having deep compassion for yourself, especially on the days when you're feeling like crap, when you feel as though your world is crumbling in around you or when you have a sudden relapse and frantically break your no contact rule. Knowing when to give yourself compassion and space to make mistakes, but also knowing when to gift yourself a day of self-care pampering to help sooth your emotions as you begin to rebuild your life from the ashes of this devastating breakup will play an important role. Nobody is perfect and mistakes will happen. Knowing when to gift yourself compassion will be your lifeline when you feel like giving up.

(6.) Transcending beyond your breakup: This level of inner peace after a toxic relationship that led to a devastating breakup involves experiencing a deeper, spiritual understanding of why you needed to experience this breakup for your own personal growth, but also being in total acceptance of the part you played and that of your toxic ex without pointing fingers or blaming yourself and your ex obsessively. If you've been doing your inner work and have consistently shown up for yourself on your journey of healing and recovery, you will undoubtedly cultivate a strong spiritual connection with your inner divine feminine, thus leading you to feel a deeper connection to a more evolved, mature and intuitive version of the woman you were always meant to become.


I hope you enjoyed this week's article and have gained some valuable information to help you move forward with confidence! As a Breakup and Wellness Coach my work in this world is dedicated to supporting and helping women such as yourself to HEAL, RECLAIM and TRANSFORM your life after leaving a toxic relationship. Do reach out if you would like to discuss how I can support you on your journey of recovery, healing, and transformation.


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inner peace after a breakup

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